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Aug 27 2020

FOB Trapani Change of Command

New Commander at FOB Trapani. 

On 27 August 2020, Brigade General Charles B. McDaniel, E-3A Component Commander attended the Change of Command ceremony of Forward Operating Base (FOB) Trapani, Sicily Italy, from Lieutenant Colonel Massimo Simotti to Lieutenant Colonel Pietro Imbrò.

In the presence of the Commander of 37th Wing, Col. Moris Ghiadoni, guests and FOB personnel. Brig. Gen. McDaniel stressed Lt.Col. Massimo Simotti extremely successful performance as FOB Commander: “Massimo, you understood the task at hand. We asked you to determine your mission readiness, and you did it without hesitation. The importance of being mission ready was at the forefront of your mind. Not only was it focused on the FOB, but also its personnel. You ensured your team received the training they needed and equipped them to do their J.O.B. You lead by example, you maintained your flying currency and provided your expertise when we needed you. That is why I want to take the opportunity today to say “Thank You, Massimo,” for taking care of this critical Forward Operating Base and being a true professional. A leader that people want to follow.”

BG McDaniel addressing guests, old and new FOB Commanders

In his farewell speech, Lt.Col. Massimo Simotti thanked the leadership E-3A Component, 37th wing and FOB personnel; “What FOB Trapani has done during 34 years was made by the personnel, only. We went through a lot of changes, also: the face of the FOB is changing, new buildings, a new apron, refurbishments, but what is still in place as of the firsts day of activity is the willing to perform every day better than previous.”

As new FOB Commander LtCol Pietro Imbrò, said; “FOB Trapani has always been supporting our flying assets with great effectiveness even with limited manning. The effectiveness is guaranteed when the people called to support NATO missions are ordinary people with a high sense of responsibility, team mindset, outstanding professionalism and, love for their work. With this personnel that of today I have the honour to command, I’m going to field my experience as an Italian and AWCS pilot as a staff officer, coordinator and commander of personnel, in order to maintain this base in high levels of Combat Readiness Status.”

Lieutenant Colonel Pietro Imbrò, joined the Italian Air Force in 1995. Lt.Col Imbrò has flown more than 3000 hours on different aircrafts. Lt.Col. Pietro Imbrò, is not a newcomer/unknown face for the Component. He joined the E-3A Component, NATO Airbase Geilenkirchen in 2011 and has been assigned to the flying Sqn. 2. First, where he became Aircraft Commander and then to the Command Post as Branch chief.

Story by Airborne Early Warning & Control Force Public Affairs Office

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