FOB Konya

In 1979, at the assembly of NATO AEW&C Programme Management Agency (NAPMA) members, it was decided to establish a Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Turkey.  The agreement between the Turkish government and NAPMA was realized with the establishment and activation of FOB Konya on 24 October 1983.
In accordance with the Memorandum of Agreement, deployed E-3A aircraft are supported by FOB Konya during the pre-flight, in-flight, and post-flight phases. Maintenance is part of the support and is based on a limited organizational maintenance capability oriented toward aircraft turnaround and servicing functions. These tasks include pre-flight and post-flight inspections, tire changes, correction of flight safety discrepancies and replacement of minor component parts. Ops Section assures thorough efficient flight dispatch operations and supervises information updates for the aircrews and timely reports required by the Main Operating Base.
To date, FOB Konya has successfully carried out its commitments during peacetime, times of tension and in war, to include the Gulf Crisis, Operation Crescent Guard, Operations Active Endeavour (OAE) and the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) Operation Afghan Assist. In recent years, FOB Konya has also supported and participated in several large-scale exercises, such as Anatolian Eagle and Eastern Mediterranean, NATO Air Meet, Allied Response, Tiger Meet, Magic Viking, Spring Guardian and NAEW FIP Natinads. It also supported the NATO Summit held in Istanbul.
Outstanding corporation and understanding exists between the FOB Konya and the 3rd Main Jet Base of the Turkish Air Force (TAF), which gladly hosts FOB Konya within its perimeter. The base provides a leading national and international training environment with extensive activity, including the Anatolian Eagle exercise facilities, the Turkish Stars Aerobatics Squadron and other flying operating F-16, F-4 and F-5 fighter aircraft, Cougar search and rescue helicopters as well as the TAF E-3?? AWACS.


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