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Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Chief Master Sergeant Michael Moeller

Curriculum Vitae:

Oberstabsfeldwebel (Chief Master Sergeant) OR-9
Michael H. Möller
Personal Information
Born on 10 June 1964, in Kassel
Married, 2 Sons
Hobbies: Fire and Emergency Services, current affairs


03 October 1983
Joint the German Air Force
October 1983 – December 1983

5. Air Force Training Regiment 10, Goslar
- Basic Training
January 1984 – November 1989

2. Air Defence Battalion 22 (NIKE), Burbach
- Section Panel Operator
- Crew- and Section Chief Launching Area
December 1989 – March 1995

5. Air Defence Squadron 22 (PATRIOT), Kaufbeuren
- Tactical Control Assistant
- Maintenance Supervisor
Between 1985 and 1991

several courses and training at the German Air Force Air Defence School and the US Army Air Defence Artillery School, Fort Bliss, Texas, USA.
April 1995 – May 1998

German Air Force Tactical Command South, Meßstetten Air Defence Missile Systems Branch
- Administration Assistant
- NATO Evaluator for SAM Tactical Evaluations
- PA for Commanding General of the German Contingent during Exercise “Roving Sands”.
June 1998 – May 2000

Combined Air Operation Center 1, Finderup, Denmark
- Senior Administration Assistant
June 2000 – June 2002

Joint Headquarters NORTHEAST, Karup, Denmark
- Administration Supervisor
- Preparation and conduction of PfP Workshops in the Baltic Area
June 2002 – December 2005

Joint Support Command, Köln
- Assistant German Liaison Officer at Headquarters United Kingdom Support Command (Germany), Mönchengladbach
January 2006 - October 2008

Supreme Headquarters Allied Power Europe, SHAPE
- Executive Assistant to the Senior Non – Commissioned Officer, Allied Command Operations
November 2008 – August 2009

NATO E-3A Component, Geilenkirchen
- Vehicle Operations Supervisor, Motorpool Branch
September 2009 – June 2012

Joint Air Power Competence Centre, Kalkar
- Conference Manager and Transport Supervisor
July 2012 – June 2015

NATO E-3A Component, Geilenkirchen
- Public Affairs Specialist, Public Affairs Office
July 2015

NAEW&C Force E-3A Component, Geilenkirchen
- Command Senior Enlisted Leader

Distinctions and Decorations:

Bronze Cross of Honour of the Bundeswehr, Meritorious Service Medal of the USA

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