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Deputy Commander

Colonel Bas H. Pellemans

Colonel Bas H. Pellemans is appointed as the Deputy Commander of the NAEW&CF E-3A Component at Geilenkirchen NATO Air Base on 28 September 2017. As DCOM he is responsible for all aspects of the Component's Mission and reports to the Component Commander. He also acts as SNR for the Dutch contingent and is qualified as first pilot on the E-3A AWACS.

Colonel Pellemans joined the Air Force in 1981 and became career officer in 1989. He commanded a flight of 322nd Tactical F-16 Fighter Squadron at Leeuwarden AB and after graduating from Senior Officer Staff College, he became commander of the 312th Tactical F-16 Fighter Squadron at Volkel AFB. Colonel Pellemans flew more than 2000 hours in fighters and participated in Operation Allied Force in 1999 and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2002. From February till June 2009 he commanded the 10th ISAF/Dutch Air Task Force at Kandahar and Tarin Kowt Airfields in Kandahar/Afghanistan.

From September 2009 till March 2013 Colonel Pellemans was the Commanding Officer of Eindhoven AFB in The Netherlands. As CO he was responsible for strategic and tactical air transport, air refuelling and coastguard operations with fixed wing aircraft of the Royal Netherlands Air Force, providing aerodrome services to Eindhoven Airport and Host Nation Support to four international Military Airlift Centers; AMCC, SALCC, MCCE and the European Air Transport Command (EATC). From March 2013 till June 2017 he was the Director of the Military Aviation Authority of the MOD NLD, and responsible for policy and rulemaking for all aspects of military aviation safety and keeping oversight. Furthermore he was responsible for Air Traffic Management-policy on behalf of the MOD NLD.

Colonel Pellemans has extensive staff experience as staff officer for F-16 Requirements and as senior officer in the Directorate for Policy and Plans at the Netherlands MOD. In the RNLAF HQ he was Chief of the Air Transport Air Refuelling and Coastguard Branch and whilst at this post from November 2006 till February 2008, he chaired the Sub Working Group on Registration and Certification of the 3 C-17 Globemaster III for the Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) initiative and from 2009 till 2014 he was the chairman of the Programme Board/Board of Directors of the NATO Airlift Management Organisation (NAMO)/Program (NAMP).


1984 Mission pilot, 315 TFS (Northrop NF-5), Twente AB, Enschede
1985 Mission pilot, 322 TFS (F-16), Leeuwarden AB
1989 Flightcommander 322 TFS (F-16), Leeuwarden AB
1992 Senior Wing Operations Officer, Leeuwarden AB
1994 Staff member Air-to-Ground Section, Tactical Leadership Program, Florennes AB, Belgium
1996 Staff Officer F-16 Requirements, HQ RNLAF, The Hague
1999 Staff Officer Plan and Policies, HQ RNLAF, The Hague
2001 Commander 312 TFS (F-16), Volkel AFB, Uden
2004 Senior Officer Plan and Policies, MOD, The Hague
2006 Chief Air Mobility Branch, HQ RNLAF, Breda
2009 Commanding Officer Eindhoven AFB
2009 Chairman NAMO BOD
2012 Chairman NAM PB
2013 Director Military Aviation Authority


Captain December 1989
Major June 1994
Lieutenant Colonel September 2001
Colonel May 2006


1982 Pilot training ENJJPT, Sheppard AFB
1993 Air Force College, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
2000 Air Force Staff College, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
2009 Accountable Manager

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