The Crest

E-3A crestThe E-3A Component emblem features a central field with the NATO star above the image of an E-3A aircraft and three lightning bolts emanating from below it. These elements are superimposed on an orange-yellow background with a portion of a dark blue globe beneath.
The NATO star symbolizes the multinational nature of the operational and supporting workforce of NATO’s first international operational flying unit.
The image of the E-3A depicts the aircraft performing surveillance taks in order to provide early warning or accomplish battle management tasks in case of imminent danger.
The lightning bolts portray the transmission of information with the aid of 21st century communications technology.
The curving globe symbolizes the E-3A Component’s worldwide role as an element of the NATO Reaction Force (NRF), an operational unit that can be deployed within five days.
The striking orange-to-yellow upper background represents sunrise and symbolizes the new era of the Component’s recently modernized fleet of aircraft.
The emblem as a whole represents a modernized NATO AWACS fleet in its worldwide role as an important NATO asset for maintaining peace and security.

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