Component employees celebrate special jubilee

A large part of the jubilees in front of the anniversary aircraft
Jul 3, 2017

GERMANY - Geilenkirchen, On the 1 and 2 of July, the NATO AEW&C Force E-3A Component at the NATO Air Base (NAB) Geilenkirchen will celebrate its 35th Anniversary and enjoy Open Days open to the public.  

Making sure the base operates every day of the year, providing force capability for NATO operations worldwide are a small but dedicated multi-national staff who support NATO military personnel. Numbering around 90 personnel, many members of this team have been part of NAB since the beginning in the early 1980’s. The civilian members of the supporting staff come from many different countries and provide a significant contribution to base operations. Skills provided range from aircraft mechanics, IT, Administration, Logistics to First Responders.


"I remember the dirt road in front of the barracks close to the flight line which did not have a fence since there were no E-3A aircraft yet,” Maureen Geraets-Head, Public Affairs .


"Today, this base is the home to a key NATO force capability with excellent facilities and infrastructure – A NATO’s flagship, with modern buildings and asphalted streets.  After 35 years, I am proud to be part of this NATO team!” she added.


To commemorate the base’s 35th Anniversary, civilian members of the team gathered for a group photo in front of the painted 35th anniversary aircraft, joined by the E-3A Component Commander, German Air Force Brig. Gen. Karsten Stoye. 


‘’I am very proud of each and every one of my civilian members at Geilenkirchen.  They are vital in supporting my operational output as the Commander,’’ said Gen. Stoye. "The valuable functions where they bring expertise and commitment is incredible and they too should feel very proud as we celebrate our 35th Anniversary. NATO Operational output would not be the same without their dedication.’’    


The NATO AEW&C Force E-3A Component are now undergoing a period of training as they build up to operations for NATO to enhance its contributions to the Global Coalition to Counter- ISIL with AWACS surveillance aircraft and to employ E-3A’s in orbits to conduct air surveillance, enhance NATO’s situational awareness and to provide assurance to nations on NATO’s Eastern Flank through assurance measure missions.


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