NATO AWACS presents itself to Romania

The NATO AWACS together with a Romanian C-130 on the ramp during the press event.
May 16, 2017

Monday the 15th of May a NATO AWACS landed at Henri Coandă  International Airport in Bucharest. During a special scheduled press event the multi-national crew demonstrated the capabilities of the aircraft to the Romanian press.  

The event was organized next to a quarterly scheduling conference where future plans are made regarding the participation of NATO AWACS in NATO’s Assurance Measures. These missions are flown to conduct air surveillance, enhance NATO’s situational awareness and to provide assurance to nations on NATO’s Eastern Flank. From March 2014 NATO AWACS fly assurance measures missions over Romania on an almost daily basis.

The day after the event the NATO AWACS conducted an Assurance Measure sortie over Romania flying with Romanian guests. They eye-witnessed the crew conducting surveillance in an area over 312.000km2. The crew also controlled an exercise with Romanian fighter aircraft.

Romania joined the NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force in 2009 an having their first crew members at MOB Geilenkirchen in 2011.


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