New commander Forward Operating Base Konya inaugurated

E-3A Component Commander Brig.Gen. Karsten Stoye congratulates the new FOB Commander Mayor Hüseyin Kaya.
Jun 5, 2017

During a special ceremony on Monday 5th of June, Major Hüseyin Kaya was inaugurated as the new commander of Forward Operating Base (FOB) Konya in Turkey.

The inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of the E-3A Component commander Brig.Gen. Karsten Stoye, members of FOB Konya and members of the E-3A Component. During his speech Major Kaya, who was already acting commander since 8 months, expressed his gratitude to the FOB personnel: " My teams has done an impeccable job over the past 8 months with an unprecedented sense of duty though we had extreme harsh weather conditions and unexpected events last winter.” He also mentioned the cooperation with Main Operating Base Geilenkirchen: "I guarantee you that the NATO crews coming down here from Geilenkirchen will have maximum support in terms of operations, maintenance and accommodation namely will make them feel at home.

After the ceremony the newly installed commander planted a tree at the FOB. The tree planting is a tradition of all FOB commanders and symbolizes the continuity of the good work delivered by the people of FOB Konya.

Since October 2016 NATO AWACS planes fly missions from FOB Konya in support of the counter ISIL coalition.


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