E-3A Component Aircraft participate in Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE

NATO E-3A landing at FOL Ørland, Norway, during Trident Juncture ’18 - NATO photo by NAEW&CF Public Affairs Office
Nov 13, 2018
GEILENKIRCHEN, Germany –Two flying squadrons and three jets of the NAEW&C Force E-3A Component are back to base following their deployment to FOL Ørland, Norway, to take part in NATO exercise Trident Juncture ’18 LIVEX which concluded on Nov. 7, 2018.
The Deployment Commander for the personnel departing from MOB Geilenkirchen, Lieutenant Colonel Bengt Bergan, highlighted the value of NATO AWACS’ participation, which flew multiple missions daily to support the operations of Allies and partner nations across all domains.
"The E-3A is a unique asset; it provides Allied forces with air coverage, early warning and fighter control. Its contribution as a command and control centre is essential, especially in complex scenarios like the ones Trident Juncture offered, where the overall air picture provided can make a difference when so many players are on the ground, at sea and in the airspace,” said Bergan.
The exercise counted around 50,000 troops, coming from 31 NATO and partner countries and training together to enhance the readiness of the Alliance in responding to any potential threat. The preparation for this event was long and intense for all units involved.
"We have prepared for this exercise by working with the simulators, replicating the training scenarios and anticipating all possible outcomes to ensure everyone was ready to take on any challenge that might come our way. We can firmly say that it was a success, both in terms of training for the crews and with regard to the collective capabilities of the Alliance to defend its territories”, stated Bergan.
Story by NAEW&CF Public Affairs Office

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