NATO AWACS take part in the Tactical Leadership Programme

E-3A crews leave FOB Trapani after participating in the Tactical Leadership Programme.
Dec 14, 2018

Geilenkirchen, Germany. Aircraft and personnel of the NAEW&CF concluded their training at the NATO Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), Thursday, Nov. 13, 2018, in which they took part together with approximately 40 assets from 5 Allied nations. 

The Deployment Commander Lieutenant Colonel Cristiano Undecimo, explained the value of NATO AWACS’ contribution to the activities of the EU-NATO joint training centre: "Here, Allied air assets train for worldwide tactical air operations. By providing them with command and control capabilities and a recognized air and surface picture, NATO AWACS allow them to enhance interoperability and operational effectiveness. Plus this is a training opportunity for our crews as well, as they fly in a simulated conflict scenario”, he stated.

The Tactical Leadership Programme exists since 1978 and is currently based in Albacete, Spain, since 2009. The E-3A flew out of the Forward Operating Base in Trapani, Italy, to join the multinational coalition forces, mission commanders and fighter aircraft to support them in a variety of scenarios, including Search and Rescue operations, Anti Surface Warface, Slow Mover and NATO crisis and response system.

Lieutenant Colonel Massimo Simotti, Commander of the FOB Trapani, highlighted the value of the experience: "This TLP has been a valuable opportunity for the Component to operate from one of its advanced bases. It also allowed to test the capabilities and personnel of the FOB and I was impressed by the excellent responsiveness that was shown”, he stated.


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