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Sep 11 2023

AWACS participates in Cobra Warrior 23-2

During Cobra Warrior 23-2, the NATO AWACS aircraft participates as one of the key enablers in the intensified, large force, tactical air warfighting exercise, which takes place from 4 to 22 September 2023 at the Royal Air Force (RAF) Base in Waddington, United Kingdom. 

The E-3A aircraft, with its unmistakable silhouette, provides real-time air surveillance, air command and control and tactical fighter control to the 4 participating nations in order to increase the Alliances’ interoperability and readiness.

The NATO AWACS provides tactical Command and Control to air assets of Canada, Italy, United Kingdom and the United States in the largest biannual air exercise organized by the RAF. By swapping roles between blue and red air during the exercise the AWACS crew supports both offensive and defensive air operations to fighter aircrafts.

Exercise Cobra Warrior is a showcase of the strength and unity of the alliance to deter and defend against any threats to NATO’s security. By working intensely together in the air domain, while planning, executing and de-briefing on a daily basis, is improving participants’ capabilities and increasing the sense of cohesion within NATO.

“Cobra Warrior epitomizes our objectives for a NATO exercise, fostering collaboration amongst our allied members, facilitating coordination within a multinational crew framework, and ensuring that every team, both airborne and on the ground, consistently strives to optimize their training potential each day,” said Major (OF-3) Oliver, Deployment Commander. 

"Our forward deployment at RAF Station Waddington has afforded us the valuable opportunity to re-establish critical connections and provide excellent training in addition to fulfilling our routine NATO Assurance Measure mission, and we are fortunate that Cobra Warrior has brought us all together to achieve these objectives."


Story by Airborne Early Warning & Control Force Public Affairs Office

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