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Jan 30 2024

Significant training opportunities for NATO AWACS during TLP Flying Course 2024

NATO AWACS is taking part in the first Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) Flying Course of 2024, held in Albacete, Spain, from 29 January to 2 February. The TLP Flying Course strengthens the tactical leadership, flying capabilities, and teamwork of fighter pilots and supporting units, thereby enhancing the strength of Allied Air Forces. During TLP, the NATO E-3A AWACS provides Air Battle Management support and uses the opportunity to train own aircrews.

Throughout the TLP Flying course, NATO and Partner nations are introducing 24 fighter platforms during the flying phase of the course. The course promotes NATO Air Forces' tactical interoperability, exposes participants to diverse tactics and capabilities, and facilitates the exchange of information on weapons and tactics amongst participants. The AWACS is an important asset for mission success, playing a crucial role in orchestrating air operations. 

“The presence of the NATO AWACS in the TLP is always appreciated, as it brings additional command and control capabilities to the participating fighter units. Simultaneously, we have the advantage of conducting training for our own crews. These trainings are crucial for the NATO AWACS to maintain proficiency at the highest standards and keeping the crew members qualified", said Major Alessandro, Deployment Commander of the NATO AWACS detachment at TLP.

Excellent Training Opportunity for Weapon Controllers

The TLP Flying course provides me with the chance to control sizable formations of fighter aircraft, an opportunity that isn't always available in day-to-day operations

expressed Captain Simon, weapon controller. ”The debrief sessions with the fighter pilots provide a valuable opportunity to improve every day”, he added.

Weapon Controllers controlling fighter aircraft during TLP 2024-1

The NATO AWACS crew can proficiently oversee a diverse array of fighter aircraft throughout the Flying Course, including Italian and Spanish Eurofighters, Spanish EF-18s, Rafale fighters from France, F-16s from Greece, F-18s from Switzerland, and JAS-39s from the Czech Republic, thereby bolstering NATO AWACS’ preparedness.

Participating fighter aircrafts lined up for the TLP Flying Course
The NATO E-3A AWACS during take-off at the runway of Los Llanos Airbase at Albacete, Spain

Story by Airborne Early Warning & Control Force Public Affairs Office

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