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Lieutenant Colonel De Gregorio

Lieutenant Colonel De Gregorio is the Director of the Mission Systems Engineering Centre (MSEC) located at NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force, Geilenkirchen, Germany.

Lieutenant Colonel De Gregorio was born in 1969 in Sorrento (Italy). He is a charted Engineer and he has a master degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. After graduation he was selected as an Engineering Officer and he joined the Italian Air Force in 1998.

He served in one of the most important IT Detachments within the Air Force, in Rome until 2011. He started his technical development in the Logistic Automated System, acting first as Programmer and then as Application Analyst; later on he became the system and network administrator Section Head.

In 2007 he did a Staff Tour for Officers at the Italian Air Staff in Rome dealing with Logistics for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and restricted weapons testing range and rocket launching units, so he completed his military training for junior Officers.

Going back to the former Department he was given further appointments as the Software Quality Assurance Section Head and the Software Developing Branch Head.

In 2011 he was moved to Sector Naples as part of the former NATO CIS Services Agency (NCSA), to provide CIS support to the HQ Maritime Naples as the Radio Branch Head.

In 2013 was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and was appointed the Network Support Group Commander in support of the Joint Force Command Naples and remote units.

Lieutenant Colonel De Gregorio received Merit Awards for his outstanding leadership in 2013 and for his outstanding individual performance in 2014 as well.

Following the structural reorganization of the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCIA), at the CIS Support Unit in Naples, he was appointed the Cyber Security Section Head in 2016, and starting 2017 he was in a dual hatted position as the Service Operations Branch Head.

His decorations include: Long Service Cross Medal, Long Command Medal of Merit, and Operation Unified Protector Libya Medal.

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