Why can’t the aircraft turn (north) east straight after takeoff, as there are only fields and no built-up areas in that direction?

As a result of this and other questions about flight patterns, a number of different takeoffs and landings were trialled in 2008. A panel of local residents were then asked which types of flight movement they regarded as having caused the greatest disturbance. Turning to the right immediately after takeoff can only be performed by aircraft with a low takeoff weight. This only applies to planes that are going to land at the base again immediately after performing a few manoeuvres over Geilenkirchen. With the vast majority of training flight movements this is not the case, and an early turn is not feasible. It was also ascertained that when an aircraft makes an early turn to the right, the engines are directly toward the inhabited area of Schinveld, which means that local residents experience much more noise than when departing aircraft fly straight between Brunssum and Schinveld.

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