Is it true that the noise pollution caused by flight movements from the base in Geilenkirchen has increased in recent years?

No, this is not true. The annual number of flight movements over the Netherlands from Geilenkirchen Air Base has steadily decreased since the year 2000, from approx. 4000 at that time to about less than 2000 in recent years. The low number of flight movements at Geilenkirchen Air Base in recent years is particularly due to several operations, in Afghanistan, Libya and NATO's Eastern border. The decrease from a total of 4000 to less than 2000 movements is the result of the noise reduction policy and the measures taken by the E-3A Component to limit the disturbance experienced by local inhabitants. The flight simulator is therefore being used more intensively, and about 65% of flight movements per year are accomplished at air bases in the Netherlands and elsewhere. 

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