Why do you fly over built-up areas?

Aircraft follow specified procedures (flight patterns) during takeoff and landing. These procedures have been laid down in consultation with the AWACS-Limburg Committee (CAL) and ensure that the aircraft can depart and land safely in all weather conditions. For residents of Brunssum and Onderbanken this means that departing and incoming aircraft fly through a specified tolerance zone between the two inhabited urban areas. This tolerance zone contains a number of houses situated on the edge of the built-up areas. It may happen that these houses are occasionally overflown, particularly during takeoff, but it goes without saying that aircraft are always intended to remain within the boundaries of the tolerance zone. Sometimes it happens that flights pass over a larger number of houses, perhaps due to an instruction from air traffic control (to maintain a safe distance from other aircraft) or to a situation in which, for example, the pilot decides to deviate from the takeoff procedure to avoid a flock of birds or a hot air balloon. As an aircraft may be deflected by the wind, it can also happen that a pilot misjudges the situation and flies beyond the boundary of the tolerance zone. Every violation is reported and investigated.

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